Little Known Facts About Champagne for Champagne Day (It’s Tomorrow)

by | Oct 20, 2016


Tomorrow is  Champagne Day!  Woo Ho!. You don’t need a special day to drink Champagne but you must have a bottle tomorrow.  And it’s Friday, so even a better way to get your weekend started.

Here are a few facts about Champagne:

  • Champagne is located 150 kilometres east of Paris
  • The first Champagne house was established in 1729
  • The limestone subsoil is a mix of chalk, limestone, sandstones and marls. This provides good drainage and explains the mineral taste you get in some of the wines.
  • Champagne Chalk is made of of skeletons of marine micro-organisms from the Secondary Era and it is very porous. This keeps the vines supplied with water.
  • The climate in  Champagne is both oceanic and continental. The continental influence gives ample sunlight during the summer. The oceanic influence brings the rainfall. 
  • Rose Champagne is made by:
    • Maceration where the Pinot Noir grapes sit on their skins between 24 and 72 hours until the desired color is reached. or…
    • Blending the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
The label is very important!  You will find 2 letters on the label that determine the registration code.
    • NM – Negociant manipulant which is what the big Champagne houses are. They are individual or a company that purchase grapes and may also grow their own and make Champagne in their facility
    • RM – Recoltant manipulant also known as Growers Champagne. A grower who makes and markets their own label of Champagne from grapes exclusively from their own vineyard.  

Most often Growers Champagne is less expensive than Champagne from the large houses and has the same quality if not at times better. If you can’t afford that bottle of Dom Perignon look for a bottle priced beginning at $25 and the initials RM. You will be pleasantly surprised!

There is plenty of time to go grab a bottle to share with friends tomorrow.  Let me know what you are drinking!