Last Wednesday the internet was a buzzing with a New York Times article by William Grimes titled ” With Rude Names, Wine Stops Minding Its Manners.”  Guess who got a mention in the article?  Yes, Happy Bitch Wines with ” They’re reinforcements for a growing army of rude, budget-priced wines that have shoved their way into wine stores and supermarkets in the past few years — most recently Happy Bitch, a Hudson Valley rosé that made its debut last month.”

Rude name? That’s an opinion. Happy Bitch Wines is about a lifestyle, about the cards your dealt, the choices you make to live your life to the fullest and leave the baggage behind.  Regardless of what the article was about, after I read it I realized, Happy Bitch Wines is the only wine with the name BITCH in it that is “Made in the USA” Hudson Valley to be exact with grapes sourced from the Finger Lakes.  Most of the wines in the article are made outside the USA.

Bitch Wine is made in Australia, Sassy Bitch in Chile, Royal Bitch in Chile and France, Jealous Bitch in Australia and Sweet Bitch in Chile.  Even Fat Bastard is made in France.

While I am not criticizing wines from those regions or the grapes grown there, my point is that Happy Bitch Rose is made in the United States. Shop local, buy local and look for “Made in the USA” on the label.