Last week I received and invitation from Marcus and Jamie Guiliano to attend a Dr Frank wine dinner on Friday night at Aroma Thyme Bistro.  I had planned on working on my blog posts since I had a busy weekend ahead, but…something told me, when the owners reach out and make a special invite to you, you go.  So after a long day at the day job, we drove the hour across the bridge and over the mountain to Ellenville, New York to enjoy a 5 course wine pairing dinner at Aroma Thyme Bistro. The dinner and wine will follow in an additional post.  I think it’s important that I tell you about Marcus, Jamie, their restaurant and philosophy to prepare meals from organic or sustainable food sources.

When I was first introduced to Aroma Thyme Bistro it was during the “Best of the Hudson Valley.” I stopped at their table for a taste and was quite impressed.  That was about 4 years ago, and I have to come clean – we always say we would make the trip but the first trip out to the restaurant was this May.

Marcus has quite an impressive looking resume working / cooking at the Depuy Canal House, Mobil Five Star properties like the Greenbrier and Broadmoor.  Working in one of the top 25 French restaurants in the world – La Tante Clair and many prestigious Country Clubs. He was on the fast track!  What changed all that?  His health.

When your overweight, have high cholesterol and facing an operation for acid reflux, you seek out a change and that is what Marcus did. It is this change that he brings this philosophy of organic and sustainable food sources to his restaurant.  Marcus began purchasing free-range, pasture-raised and certified organic meats from ranches and small farms.  He even encouraged fruit and vegetable growers to cultivate crops specifically for restaurants like his.  He does NOT use butter or heavy dairy products, white flour products or refined sugar.  In speaking with Marcus Friday night, I learned quite a bit about the co-ops restaurants purchase from versus purchasing from small individual farms, farmed talapia, wild Scottish salmon and the entire industry.  I will never buy talapia and guess what – there is no such thing as wild Scottish salmon, it’s farmed.

Marcus has a great You Tube Channel – Healthy Chef & Gourmet Food where you can see why I won’t purchase or eat talapia anymore, and he is author of  the Healthy Chef Blog.

Marcus and Jamie’s philosophy behind Aroma Thyme Bistro is something everyone needs to pay attention to. It will make you re-evaluate your eating habits and make you aware of what your purchase and where it comes from.  I wish  Marcus and Jamie the best of luck in their future endeavors and look forward to more trips to Aroma Thyme Bistro!