Have you ever been faced with ordering wine at a business dinner and didn’t want the client to think you had no idea what to select.  Face it, wine lists can be overwhelming and your expense account can be limited.

There is enough stress around trying to close that deal, ordering wine shouldn’t be one of them. Wine is meant to be fun and enjoyed.

Enter Million Dollar Sips! I have partnered with my friend and colleague Charlotte Chipperfield aka The Wine Key to bring you a series of webinars to make that business client dinner and closing that deal one step easier.

During our first seminar “10 Wine Tips For Your Business Dinner” we will cover how to prepare for the dinner. It’s not just about making the reservations.  There are things you can do while on the phone making that reservation to choosing the wine and staying in budget.

We will explore the wine list and get you thinking “out of the box” to make an everlasting impression with your client.

Since Charlotte and I are on different coasts, we are each hosting a day and time.  Even if you are on the East Coast and that spin class interferes with March 3 at 7pm, you can register for March 2 at 7pm PST which is 10pm EST.

Two days, two time zones.  Grab a glass of wine and choose the day and time convenient for you. The cost for the class is $45.

Eventbrite - 10 Tips for Your Business Clent Dinner Eventbrite - 10 Tips for Your Business Clent Dinner

 We’ll see you online.