Back in February my son approached us and asked if he can take summer courses in Spain.  His school (LaSalle University) offers an exchange at the University of Salamanca.  Of course!  I was so excited, what a great experience for him!  (Wish he could have pack me in his suitcase!)

Yes the girlfriend went with him

The summer is flying by and he’s been to Spain and back.  He had a great time. Took 4 classes and got 4 A’s. Traveled through Spain and Portugal on the weekends.  Oh the life!  He did manage to bring his parents back a bottle of wine – 2005 Osborne Bodegas Montecillo Grand Reserva, Rioja.  For those of you who are wondering, the grapes used in the Rioja are Tempranillo.  Termpranillo is the grape varietal that forms the backbone of many wines from Spain.

We wasted no time in popping the cork to find that it was quite good!! Aromas of red cherry, licorice and herbs filled the glass.  Flavors of red raspberry with a little mocha and white pepper on the finish filled my palate.  Some nice hints of oak and a little tannins made this wine very enjoyable.

I did do some research to see if the wine was sold in the states.  Of course I flipped the bottle around and put on my glasses to read the back to see only to find it all in Spanish.  I didn’t do that well in Spanish in high school so..well just let’s say I poured myself another glass.  But the wine is sold in the US for around $24.

 We served it with a grilled T-bone steak from Kiernan Farms.  Fantastic dinner and pairing!