I introduced Chrystal a while ago when we went shopping and stopped for wine at Hudson-Chatham Winery.  Chrystal will be a new contributer to my blog.  Her opinion as a young wine consumer will bring a new light to Hudson Valley Wines and events.

A little about Chrystal. Way back another lifetime ago, I worked with Chrystal’s dad and met her when she was 5 years old, pigtails and roller skates.  I realize I might be dating myself, but flash forward  8 years when she was 13 and I hired her to babysit for my then 3yr old and 8 month old.  Now flash forward again to 3 years ago, when she gets hired as the sales secretary at my day job.  (we both later get laid off, her last spring, me this month)

Conversation and education begin to build around wine. Along with the help of her CIA graduate brother, Chrystal’s palate begins to mature.

Chrystal will be attending the Shawangunk Wine Trail’s Pasta Primo Vino this weekend and will give you her view of the event and some of the wines she’ll be tasting.

Don’t worry, Chrystal has her own Designated Driver – the 3yr old who she use to babysit for, will be turning 18 in June – he will be driving Miss Chrystal.