I’m just traveling all over the Hudson Valley this summer in between caring for my mother.  This post brings me to Glorie Farm Winery in Marlboro, New York . I haven’t been there in a while and not only have they come out with some new wines and a cider but they expanded their tasting room.

Photo from Glorie Farm Winery

Their tasting room located above the winery was nice and quaint.  It you ever visited there during a wine trail event you tasted in a roped off section of the winery below.  Now you can taste in style in their enlarged tasting room pictured above.  This room is also used for large group tastings.

Glorie Winery, Blackjack, Jibber Jabber

Two new wines on the sweet side Blackjack and Jibber Jabber.  Blackjack is 100% Chambourcin and filled with flavors of ripe blackberry. Jibber Jabber will remind you a little of a port. It’s jammy with hints of figs and is made with 100% Leon Millot. Both sell at the tasting room for $15

Mutiny, Apple Cider

Glorie is getting into the cider market with Mutiny.  This cider isn’t to sweet or heavily carbonated.  The aromas of fresh apple just fills the air. Very enjoyable! The majority of the apples in the cider are estate grown.  For the ones that aren’t, they will be soon, as they plan on some new apple plantings.