There was no whining at the Hudson Valley Wine Fest this past weekend. I attended both days. Saturday was questionable with Hanna looming in the horizon. Hanna held off until late afternoon and by that time the rain was welcomed. It was hot and sticky. White wines were the wines of the day nicely chilled. Sunday was the nicest day with beautiful weather. Since the festival is indoors weather shouldn’t really be an issue.

I decided to taste mostly Gewurztraminer and Rieslings. Just like anywhere, depending on your palate, there is the good and bad. Keuka Springs Winery had a very good Gewurztraminer and Riesling as did Thirsty Owl Winery. McGregor Winery had a wonderful Traminette.

I got in introduced to a new grape varietal this weekend called “Diamond.” It is one of the oldest grapes grown in the Finger Lakes. I was told that Fulkerson Winery had a good Diamond, unfortunately they didn’t bring it. I did taste a few…very grapey on the smell and taste. The ones I did taste were sweet, a bit to sweet for palate. When I find the one Diamond in the rough, I will report.