If you asked me before my lunch with Nicholas what vision comes to me with Gallo wines, I would have told you the jug wines on the floor of the liquor store I purchased when I was in college.  I know that has all changed and they have done a wonderful job transitioning the brand. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity recently to sit down and be educated on the Gallo Family portfolio and of course it included some tasting. They have really evolved into a dynamic leader in the wine industry.

I did not realize that the Gallo Family portfolio consisted of wine imported from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Argentina and Italy.  Not only that, but there are a number of California wineries folded into their portfolio like Mirassou, Bridlewood, Frei Brothers, Louis M Martini, MacMurray Ranch to name a few. This winter maybe I’ll have to work my way through their portfolio.  In the meantime the next few Thursday’s I’ll write about what I worked my way through during this wonderful lunch.

First was a Prosecco – La Marca Prosecco which is produced from 100% Prosecco grapes that were harvested in early September and sourced from hundreds of small vineyards in the region.  The wine cold settled then was fermented in stainless steel.  The still wine aged on the lees prior to a secondary fermentation that used the Charmat process.

On the nose the wine had hints of fresh citrus, honey and some distant white floral notes.  On the palate I picked out green apple at first followed by numerous citrus notes and some minerality. The finish was crisp and refreshing.  (I really enjoyed it!)

This Prosecco retails or $17.99 in your neighborhood wine shop.