There is so much to be learned at the Wine Bloggers Conference.  Both about wine and and about marketing.  Instead o writing an indepth review I thought I’d share with you notable quotes. Some are funny, some serious and some educational. 

Karen MacNeil Keynote

“Wine should never be stripped of its culture. To know Malbec, you need to know the Tango” ~ Karen MacNeil

“Be on top of your game all the time!” ~ Karen MacNeil

“Why are hybrids such crappy grape” ~ Wine Folly (Madeline Puckette)

“Wineries that make bad hybrids, also make bad vinifera”

“Generation Open – tired of Cabernet and Chardonnay”

“The only barrier we have to fight is medocrity” ~ Karen MacNeil

“I want to make wine that people can drink” ~ Craig Camp, Cornerstone Cellars

” I travel so much I passed myself in the air” ~ Sally, Brix Chocolate


“This is the most engaged group of people to talk to” ~John Wagner

“There are 13 different soil types in Alsace”

“Alsace has 38,300 acres of vines, 90% white wine, 15% of the vineyards are organic or biodynamic.”

“Swiss tour guide says if you don’t look someone in the eye during a toast it’s 7 years of bad sex.”

“We are heading to Lodi to get dirty for #WBC16”