Tucked away on a hilltop in Millbrook, NY is Oak Summit Vineyard. I first met John Bruno a few years ago when I had to pick up wine for the Hudson Valley Wine Competition. That year his Pinot Noir won a Gold Medal. This bottle of 2007 Oak Summit Pinot Noir was a left over bottle from the 2009 Hudson Valley Wine Competition, which it received a Silver Medal. I finally got around to opening it.

I have always found John’s wines very good, and this is no exception. This Pinot had a nice ruby color with an earthy nose that had a hint of spice. The texture was smooth and lightly silky. There were hints of dark fruit and black raspberry.It seemed the more the wine opened, the less earthy it became. This was not a fruit forward Pinot Noir. If that is what you like, I am not quite sure if you will enjoy this bottle.

Oak Summit is only open by appointment and he they produce Pinot Noir.