I am a firm believer that there is a wine for everyone.  I always keep an open mind when tasting,  just because I don’t prefer a certain wine, someone else will.  There is nothing to say the wine is good or bad, it is personal preference.

With that in mind, the holidays rolled around and I decided to pair local Hudson Valley Wine with my co-workers. (my day job is in health care not wine).  I have one co-worker who likes sweet fruity wine.  During the summer I was in the liquor store at lunch with Jillian and she purchase Arbor Mist for a party.  She joked with me about being with the Wine Goddess asking my opinion and then walking out with Arbor Mist.  I told here not feel bad, she likes wine spritzers and you have to purchase what your palate enjoys.

For the holidays I purchased a Brookview Station Whistle Stop White for her.  Knowing Jillian liked fruity wine with some sweetness, I thought this would be a nice match for her.   On Wednesday evening I received the following text from her:
     “Ok can I tell you how good this wine is that u gave me for Christmas?  I opened it and said I am gonna have 1 glass.  Yeah right, I might have a hangover tomorrow!”

Score a wine match for me! Score a new customer for Brookview Station.  No she didn’t have a hangover in the morning.  She only had 2 glasses and saved the rest for the next day. (stressful week at work)