I have to admit, Lemberger isn’t my favorite grape.  My first experience with wine made from this particular grape was B-O-L-O-G-N-A.  Yes it tasted like something from Oscar Mayer . I have now seen a new light.  On a recent trip to the Finger Lakes I began stepping out of my comfort zone and going towards wines I normally wouldn’t pick up. It’s called opening your mind and your palate. I have to convince my husband of this.

Lemberger is a grape that originated in Austria where it is called Blaufrankisch.  This 2009 Fulkerson Lemberer had a deep cherry garnet color that twinkled in the light.

Aromas of clove, black cherry and plum fill the glass.  Nice body on the palate, not to heavy with hints of oak as soft spice filling your mouth with nuisances of cherry lingering in the background.

This wine was quite enjoyable and would pair nicely with a leg of lamb. It is also reasonably prices at $15.99.