Castello di Broghese is located on the North Fork of Long Island.  When I first visited this winery was around 2004.  It was my first trip to Long Island Wine Country and I was hosted for lunch by Marc and Ann Marie. I had a delightful time and learned a lot about the history of the property and Long Island Wines.

This Borghese 2009 Chardonnay had a nice light golden color.  Pear on the nose with hints of minerality lead to a plate that was tart on the first taste.  Lemon tart to be exact.  I didn’t get much fruit in this wine.  It was a little acidic on the finish and that gave way to little spice.  

I was slightly disappointed in this wine.  I guess I was expecting something more bolder. This chardonnay is definitely a wine that you have to have food with it and seafood would be a great pairing.  (Shrimp Scampi would be great!)

The wine sells for $16.99 in their tasting room.