I am really liking Traminette these days. Traminette is a hybrid that grows well in the Hudson Valley. It’s parents are Gewurztraminer. If you like Gewurztraminer, you will like Traminette. I see a future blog posts of a verticle tasting of Palaia’s 06 and 07 Traminette. (I still have one 06 left in the cellar.)

For now I will share with you my tasting of Palaia’s 2007 Traminette which I purchased at the Bounty of the Hudson Wine Festival August 2, 2009.
I love how Jan incorporated her family into her wines with pictures. Really gives you a nice sense of family!

This wine is busting out with the aroma of lychee all over. It’s a wonderful fresh aroma that really puts a smile on my face. Brings me to a calm relaxing place. Mid palate the melon flavor became present. This wine has a nice body and round feel. It’s a nice smooth drinking wine that is lightly acidic.