We’re digging into our wine cellar and coming up with some wines we need to drink.  We recently opened a 2005 Paul Dolan Vineyards Zinfandel.

Sixty-three percent of the grapes in the wine come from Mendocino County while 37% come from Amader County and are made with organically grown grapes. Grapes are grown using the biodynamic approach.  That means they use the calendar to guide the timing of their work.  When to plant, cultivate and harvest.  Not everything goes according to the calendar that is why when using this approach you must also listen to mother nature. They believe that biodynamic farming and winemaking produce wines that are authentic expressions of the vineyards and the passion of the grower.

This proves that holding onto a wine (or in our case, burying it in the back of the cellar) is a good thing.  Aromas of blackberry and plum fill the glass.  Hints of cigar box and dried herbs are hanging in the distance.

The palate is soft with dark berry fruit, blackberry and vanilla.  There is a soft lingering of a peppery spice on the finish.

I served this with my favorite chef, Dolce Debbie’s pasta and sweet onion sauce.  It was a great pairing! I hope Dolce Debbie doesn’t mind me sharing the recipe with you.  It’s quick, easy and delicious.

Melt 1 stick of butter in the pan.  Quarter a sweet onion.  Pour in a can of tomato puree. Cook for 45 minutes.  There you go!