When I’m not drinking wine my spirit of choice is vodka. I recently picked up a bottle of Catskill Mountain Peace Vodka produced by the Catskill Distilling Company in Bethel, NY.  If you are heading to Bethel Woods, this will make a nice stop for a tasting and tour before you get to your show.

Monte Sachs is the owner and distiller. I feel very privileged to have a bottle of their first product release.  This vodka was made with water from the 2011 Catskill spring thaw and locally whole wheat. It is produced in small batches, one batch at a time.

I first poured the vodka in the glass and it had aromas of caramelized sugar earth and fresh meadow.  I then added Sparkle Ice Black Raspberry.  The Sparkle Ice Black Raspberry on its own tasting a little like jello, maybe bug juice would be the correct term.  Once added to the vodka the juice came alive.  The vodka toned down the sweetness of the juice, and juice put on its little black dress and was ready to party.

This drink will be great in the summertime.  The vodka, while not as smooth as others I have tasted is only one of 5 vodkas produced in the region.