It’s that time of year when we all try to figure out what to get friends and family for the holidays.  Especially hard, is what to get the wine lover.  Every year you go into the wine store, try and figure out what wine will they like.

The Tasting Room has solved your problem.  They offer these wonderful wine sampler packages that will delight your wine lover friends as they get to taste a variety of wines.  The above picture is of the Napa Valley Reds 3 sampler that consists of Jax Vineyard 2008 Y3 Taureau Red Blend, Hall Winery 2006 Darwin, Blacbird Vineyards2009  Arise, Hess Collection 2007 19 Block Cuvee, Alpha Omega 2009 Proprietary Red and 2007 Storybook Mountain Vineyards 2007 Antaeus and tasting notes.  Perfect for the red wine lover.

Tasting packages are available from wines all over the world.  The Riesling Wine Sampler includes Rieslings from all over the world including Red Newt Cellars 2010 Sawmill Creek Vineyards Riesling from the Finger Lakes! If you wine lover friend like wines from Australia, the Australia Gems 2 pack would be gift for them.

Each bottle contains approximately a 2 ounce pour. Tasting notes are included. If you would like to order the wines in a regular size 750ML bottle, they are available from the Tasting Room as well.

Prices vary per samplers but range from $22.95 to $39.95 with the majority of the samplers in the $22 – $29 range.

This is a great gift to introduce your friends to the various wines without breaking your bank.  For more information visit the Tasting Room and bring the tasting room to a living room by you.