Note:  This post was scheduled to go out  July 20th.  But due to the sensitivity of this issue it was postponed until today. 

Phyllis Feder of Clinton Vineyards is bubbling over with pride.  Her Seyval Blanc “Tribute” has been chosen as a gift to the guest attending Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding July 31, 2010 in Rhinebeck, NY. Phyllis is truly honored that “Tribute” which was named in honor of her late husband Ben Feder, was chosen for the Clinton guests.

This weekend I visited Phyllis and she told me she had been keeping this secret for 3 months.  Here is what she had to say about the Tribute and the honor of having her wine given to the guests Chelsea Clinton.

This honor also landed Clinton Vineyards in the Wall Street Journal and many other publications. Congratulations Phyllis and Clinton Vineyards!

Clinton Vineyards Tribute