I had no idea what we was in store when Cindy said we had a tasting at Raymond Vineyards at 1pm and we couldn’t be late.  After all I wasn’t expecting to do any wine tasting on my trip.

When we arrived at Raymond Vineyards and were waiting for our host Michelle to whisk us off to the JCB Lounge we did a little exploring.

Yes this is what we wandered into…The Chrystal Cellar. It was quite interesting as it’s focus is on the experience of wine and decanting.  There room has stainless steel walls, a mirrored bar and a huge collection of Baccarat crystal throughout.

This is the tasting that was offered in the Crystal Cellar…”The Crystal Experience”
Michelle found us in the Chrystal Cellar and escorted us to the afternoon tasting in the JCB Lounge.  Boy did I feel special. I didn’t even want to sit on the gold couch for fear of ruining it.
Then there was the table all set for the four of us.
And this is some of what we would be tasting.  Jean-Charles Biosset JCB Collection. What makes this so special…it’s the innovative collection that brings two world of winemaking together.  The Old and the New. It brings together California and France.
After we watched a short video (and no we didn’t sit on that couch) we sat down to taste some of Jean-Charles creations.  We began with the bubbly.  I fell in love with them, a Sparkling Brut No 21 and the Sparkling Rose No 69. They retail for $25   No 69 represents the year Jean-Charles was born and there are a few other wines with significant numbers as well.  
No 3 is a 2011 Pinot Noir and what is special about this is that it is Pinot from his vineyards in California and Burgundy.  It does come with a price tag, as it sells for $123.  It was good, but you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket for that one.
One more wine that had a significant number was No 11 a 2011 Pinot Noir.  The number 11 was his soccer jersey number and this happens to be one of his favorite Pinot Noirs.  Number 11 is a shining star as far as he is concerned.(Retails for $65)
Had a wonderful time here and I thank Cindy for setting this up.  The only thing that was absent was Jean-Charles himself who I hear shows up frequently.