I thought I would finish off Regional Wine Week with a Finger Lakes Riesling.  This wine was a gift from my friend Melissa who we met for an afternoon of wine tasting in the Finger Lakes this past summer.  What a wonderful selection it was! Thank you Melissa!

WOW! is what I said after the first smell of this wine. A nose full of citrus zest – tangerine peel and lime zest. Once me and the wine settled down there were hints of apricot and apple that showed through.

A simple sip brought tart green apples, apricot to the mid taste.  Hints of minerality dance in your mouth. This wine has a beautiful mouth feel and is smooth, silky and not very acidic.  It finishes off with a nice citrus zing.

If you are a Riesling fan, I highly recommend this wine.  I really enjoyed this bottle!