This week is Regional Wine Week. There are some really outstanding Hudson Valley Wines.

How lucky are we, the people in the Hudson Valley, to be able to go to the tasting rooms of the 20+ wineries in the area and taste before we buy. It is most likely a 20 minute drive for you to stop by and taste at any of the local wineries.

You will find regional wines thatwill match any palate. In the Hudson Valley we have an abundance of red, white and sparkling wines from many different grape varieties to choose from. Imagine…you’ll be able to impress your friends and family when they find out you brought them a regional wine for the occasion.

During this week…Regional Wine Week….I urge you to either go to a tasting room of the closest local winery or purchase some local wine at your liquor or wine store. If you don’t see any, ask the store to carry local wines.