In the spirit of Regional Wine Week I picked up a bottle of Brimstone Hill 2010 Seyval Blanc.  Brimstone Hill Vineyards in located in Pine Bush.  They are a small winery and have over 10 acres of vines planted.

I like the Seyval grape, it’s crispness and citrus notes and I found that in this 2010 vintage from Brimstone Hill. It  had some floral notes on the nose as well and distant hint of bananas.  The color I wasn’t to keen on.  Usually Seyval Blanc is very pale yellow if that.  This color was a little to golden to me.

The taste was a bit bland for me, but it did have hints of tropical fruit and guava. I was looking for a bit more.

I wouldn’t hold onto this wine, if you have it in your cellar, I would drink it now.