Did you know Riesling is the fastest growing white wine, and second only to Pinot Noir. Unfortunately, Riesling is broadly perceived as a “sweet white wine” despite its many styles; those who have not tried it are not inclined to do so; and Riesling’s strengths—versatility in tastes, reflection of regional uniqueness, and food compatibility make it a wonderful selection. Riesling comes in many varieties (so to say) Dry, Off-Dry, Semi-Dry, Sweet, and Dessert. Dry having the least amount or residual sugar, Off-Dry having about 1% to Dessert Riesling being very sweet.

Depending on your palate and what you are eating, give a bottle of Riesling a try. A Semi-Dry Riesling will pair well with spicy food. A Dessert Riesling might taste very well with that bowl of ice cream, a little Riesling for me, a little poured over the ice cream.