Oh no…the forecast calls for lots of rain the end of the week. You might think it’s a good thing the rain…but for grape growers in the area it can be a problem.

For grapes to ripen we need warm days, cool nights and no rain. The warm days allows the sugar content to rise and the ideal picking is when the brix reach 23.

Rain..what the rain does to ripening grapes is allows the grapes to take on water. One might think, that’s great, big fat juicy grapes. NOT..what it does is dilute the sugar content in the grapes, and this will effect the taste of the wine. It will not only ruin the sugar content, but the flavor.

Think of it as diluting your toddlers grape juice, 1/2 water 1/2 juice. It’s fine for the toddler, but not for the adult.

Let’s just hope the storm named Kyle that is looming in the Caribbean doesn’t head North and slam into us.