It’s not everyday when you participate in an online educational program like #winestudio that you get to meet the faces behind the tweets.  We chat online, we share our stories both personal and wine related but all we know is their twitter handle.

Last Tuesday I got to hang out with Lori @Dracaenawines and Allison @RoseCondrieu for the afternoon.  Chatting about wine, social media and our families.  It was very special because not only was it the first time we got to meet in person, but it was also the day we were discussing Pedroncelli’s  2015 Dry Rose of Zinfandel on #winestudio that evening.  Of course we discussed the wine.

After our meeting I drove up to my sister’s house where I got to share the wine with her and my daughter. (I have to learn to look up at the camera) “How wine will travel!”

A little about Pedroncelli.  They’ve been producing their Zinfandel Rose since the 1950’s. Today, 4 generations tend to the vines and make the wines. They make 16 different wines with all grapes sourced from their estate and neighbor’s vineyards. All grapes are picked within 12 miles of their ranch.

They practice sustainable farming and have reduced their water use, built healthy soil and protected the vineyard environment.  All this comes clear across to what is in the bottle.

The 2015 Dry Rose of Zinfandel has a very rich deep pink, fuschia color.  Remember it is “dry”.  Aromas of watermelon, strawberry and white pepper leaped out of the glass.  Very multi layered in your mouth.  Layers of strawberry, cranberry, cherry bursting with a finish of spicy black pepper.

Unfortunately  I didn’t pair anything per say with the Zin.  However, Melanie didn’t finish her vanilla ice cream and gave it to me.  I wouldn’t normally eat ice cream and drink wine, but the ice cream became a cherry vanilla and mellowed out the spicy pepper in the finish.

What I would pair this wine with is anything with a BBQ sauce on it.  It will be a real compliment.