Last week I returned from a weeks cruise on the Carnival Legend.  I had my reservations going on Carnival. I’ve cruised many times before on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Holland America.  We hoped for great weather, smooth seas and no technical glitches. We got all!

The occasion for the cruise was our 50th Birthday (mine isn’t till September). When I say OUR, I cruised with a bunch of people I went to high school with.  We were all in the same graduating class, but believe it or not weren’t friends in high school.  It wasn’t until planning our 30th reunion that all this came about, and we bonded. I am glad we did.  What a great group of people to hang and travel with!

Here are a few take aways from the cruise:

  • Do people not eat for months before going on a cruise.  It was quite disgusting the amount of food people were piling on their plates. The 4 people next to us at dinner one night had 3 entrees each after their app and then ate dessert.
  • Carnival doesn’t have the best wine list.  I wasn’t expecting any different.
  • When the cruise line says you can carry on 1 bottle of wine per person, don’t put one in your luggage and expect them not to find it.  They find it.(and also took my Michael Kors purple pants along with it)
  • I can’t drink many of those sugary drinks made with juice.  One a day is my limit.
  • Find the adult only pool
  • There has to be a better way to look at the cruise photos.  Why waste all that photo paper and ink.  It’s all digital- allow viewing and ordering from your room and click to pay
  • When on an excursion and time is tight to catch tender and bus driver says he isn’t going to speed, hope they hold that ship.
  • There is always one asshole on your excursion
  • Best tee shirt of the trip according to Paul was “I don’t need GOOGLE, my wife knows it all” (must find that for him)
  • Best dessert on trip – Chocolate Melting Cake
  • We all look damn good for 50!
  • Most of all HAVE FUN!