Sorry for the delay..I didn’t realize how much catch up I would have to play this week. I still haven’t completely unpacked.

When we pulled up to San Gimignano I was wowed by the walled city and the towers. It was pretty amazing as I later began to realize the Italian countryside is dotted with these walled villages perched up on the hillside. We did a lot of cheese and wine pairings while in San Gimignano. We had some Chianti Classico, Vernaccia and a Di Montalicino. This was the start of our Duomo visits. Each Duomo we visited was unique and different from the previous one. I now have a new appreciation of art!

The picture above is the view from the tower we climbed. Boy did my calves hurt the next day!! And I thought I was in shape.

The day we went to Siena it rained. So unfortunately that left an impression on us. It was the only day it rained while we were in Italy. We arrived just in time for lunch and entered a restaurant that wasn’t to friendly to tourists. They guy said we couldn’t eat there…it was clearly filled with locals. This pissed me off, but we moved on. We visited the Duomo and then had a coffee in the square. We ate dinner at restaurant called Osteria Il Tamburino. I had a wonderful veal dish that was served with a succulent tomato based sauce. It was excellent!