Actually North of the Border – Just north of the border from Dutchess County sits Columbia County and Hudson Chatham Winery Yes, I was up there back in December and do need to visit soon as you can tell from the picture.

I tasted a wonderful Gewurztraminer they were pouring last weekend at the Bounty of the Hudson and wish I could make it to their Sangria Festival this weekend. They are having it catered by one of my favorite Mexican restaurants “Mexican Radio”

Since I am not available to attend this weekend, I hope you can attend and let me know how you enjoyed the fun, wine and food.

The details – yes, you do need those. Hudson Chatham Winery is located at 1900 State Route 66 in Ghent NY. If it doesn’t come up on your GPS, try Highway 66. The Sangria Festival is tomorrow – Saturday, August 8 from noon to 5:30pm. There will be opportunity to sample 5 different kinds of flavorful sangrias made with Hudson Chatham’s wines and fresh fruit.

Food – Mexican Radio will be providing a variety of foods to go with the drinks. If you have a sweet tooth like me, Corrina’s Comestibles will be there with Mexican wedding cookies (another one of my favorites) and Jose Miralles will be entertaining you on his flamenco guitar.

I’m counting on your comments so I can be jealous on what I missed.