This post was published to Wine Goddess at 9:24:12 PM 1/16/2008

Sausage and Wine

I came home from work tonight and had not taken anything out for dinner. I went to the freezer and found some gourmet sausages as well as frying peppers I had sliced from the garden during harvest. My husband and I created a sausage casserole and we paired it with a 2005 Hunt Cellars Afternoon Delight Syrah Rose.

First things you should know

· Sausage with peppers, garlic and onions sautéed in a bit of oil
· Add garlic and frying peppers and 1 Tbs Dijon Mustard
· Add a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes
· Add about 2 Tbs salsa
· Spices of your choice

Meanwhile microwave 2 cups green beans. Drain. Add above to green beans and top with sliced onions. Bake at 350 for ½ hour.

The above was our creation and we looked in the fridge and there was a bottle of Hunt Cellars 2005 Afternoon Delight Syrah Rose. WHAT A MATCH! INCREDIBLE!! This Rose (and I am not a Rose fan) was a fantastic match to this dish. The dish had a spice to it and the Rose is sweet in the beginning and dry on the finish. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this wine!!!!

January 2006 I had visited the Paso Robles Region and Hunt Cellars was one of the first wineries I pulled in to. It was a wonderful experience. We walked in and there was the aroma of Italian cooking. We quickly made friends with our tasting room staff and the rest is history. (Just ask my UPS driver)

They make some outstanding wine! Many of the bottles I have cellared, but this Rose if you can find it is a drink now!

Anybody that favors sweet or dry wine will like this Rose.