Well both Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc are one in the same. Fume Blanc is made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Back in the 1970’s it had an identity problem and instead of calling it Sauvignon Blanc they called it Fume Blanc.

Recently in a conversation with my rep from a wine club located in California she asked me if I would like to purchase some Sauvignon Blanc. Even though my preference is for New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc I said I would try some. Then she asked about Fume Blanc and she informed me that Fume Blanc is put in Oak and Sauvignon Blanc isn’t. I don’t like my Sauvignon Blanc oaked, I like it in stainless steel. That was new to me. Since I don’t usually drink Fume Blanc, I would have never guessed the difference, because I didn’t think there was one.

Maybe I’ll pick up a bottle of California Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc and do a taste comparison.