I’m sitting here writing this drinking my wine at my messy desk out of a sippy cup, yes a sippy cup for adults!

I have to say as a parent of two (now 18 and 20) I never did steal a swig from their sippy cup. The thought never crossed my mind.  BUT, after a visit to Sesame Place, one of the kids brought home an Elmo cup that was the cup I took to cheerleading practice with wine in it to get me through the two hours. Who can question mom drinking from an Elmo cup?

What can I tell you about this “Vine2Go Cup aka Sippy Cut for Adults” it’s a brilliant idea!  The uses:

  • Take to a wine festival.  No spill when walking and carrying on
  • Great for a picnic. You don’t have to worry about the uneven ground you set your glass down on
  • A walk on the beach
  • At your desk while you work (you don’t have to worry about reaching for the phone and knocking over your glass of wine)
  • Pack when you hike, they are plastic so no worries about breaking or spilling when you pour that glass sitting on a rock looking at the view from above
  • Use at your house for a party when you don’t want your friends spilling red wine on your white carpet
As I sit here and write this I have to put it through the toddler test.  You know someone who is going to have to much wine is going to do it anyway.  I did turn it upside down and it did leak a bit from the mouth piece.  Not a lot, a drizzle.  when I finished the wine there was still about 1/2 ounce left in the cup that wouldn’t come out.
Overall I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to bring this Vino2Go cup along with me.  It’s going to be great for my summer at the beach!
Disclosure:  I received this Vino2Go Cup as a sample from the Product Farm