Summer is the time where we find ourselves drinking more white wine than red. Here are some tips on summer chillin’.

* Water cools faster than air. For urgent chilling needs: bucket, ice, cold water, and some salt. Dunk bottle. Or try one of those sleeve things, which are also very good.

* Small pours. When it’s hot out and the wine is cold, just do small pours since wine in the bottle keeps colder.

* Experiment with temperature. Of course, some whites can be served too cold, which closes down the aromatics. Try chilling some young reds with higher acidity, such as Beaujolais.

* Think light thoughts. On the deck or porch, go for whites when you’re not drinking rose.

* Think pink. Put aside your thoughts on Rose try a dry rosé. They are so food friendly and offer something with more substance than a white. Remember to make sure the residual sugar is less than 5% for the dry Rose.