I was recently looking in my wine cellar for a white wine to bring to a party and realized my choices were quite boring.  I had many California and New York Chardonnays and nothing out of the box.  You know what? I am getting bored!  I told my husband, no more California & NY Chards and we are going to explore different wines from different countries.

This summer join me as I explore the white wines of the world.  No more NY or CA Chardonnays.  Quite honestly, I really can’t say there will be no Chardonnays, because Chardonnay produced in a different country like France, Argentina can taste very different than one produced in California.

There is so much to explore and so many countries to visit!

Join me beginning June as I search out the white wines of the world.  I will do this $15 and under a bottle because that is all my budget will allow and I want to make sure you can afford them too!  I will also add a little bubbly along the way.