Well I have piles of notes to go through on many wines and wineries along with video I shot, but thought I’d give you a short review of TasteCamp East 2010. I will post individual tasting reviews, experiences and video under – “A Wine Region Away – TasteCamp 2010 – Finger Lakes Wine Country”

What I learned at TasteCamp

  1. No matter what lake you go to it’s 4 1/2 hours from Poughkeespie
  2. Some wineries make exceptional Rieslings other do not.
  3. You can grow and produce good red wine vinifera in the Finger Lakes
  4. As Riesling ages – the smell of Petroleum and Diesel Fuel become present in the wine.I was reminded of that on my walk/run this morning as the school bus passed I had a Riesling moment.
  5. I am wondering if the enamel on my teeth will ever be the same.
  6. It’s great to get together will fellow wine bloggers.
  7. No matter if you are new to wine blogging or an resident wino, everyone welcomes you with open arms.
  8. Tom cleans up nicely when he’s going on a BOAT. Even splurges on RedCat.
  9. Lenn and Evan did a wonderful job in organizing this event
  10. The Finger Lakes Wineries bent over backwards to make sure we experienced all aspects of Finger Lakes Wines and viticulture.  Their hospitality was beyond expectations.

I just hope in the future other wine regions will recognize the importance of wine bloggers and open their doors to us so we can share the information with the world.

Here is a little video from the photos I took.  I put it together real quick to share with all of you.