It was a fantastic weekend on the North Fork. Lenn Thompson out did himself with TasteCamp. Many kudos to him. Thank you Long Island Wine Industry for welcoming all of us bloggers into your tasting rooms and vineyards.

It was great to meet the many bloggers and twitters I converse with on a daily basis.

What I find interesting is that many wineries in the Hudson Valley source (purchase) their Merlot grapes from Long Island. Some people aren’t going to like my next comment, but Merlot prices in the Hudson Valley are under $20 made with grapes sourced from Long Island. What makes the Long Island Merlots so much more expensive? A question that I don’t think there is an answer to.

I am looking forward to next years TasteCamp in the Finger Lakes. I can compare Rieslings then:)

I have taken many videos of the weekend, to numerous to post. You can view them by going to

In addition pictures of TasteCamp can be viewed here.