As I introduced you to the Le Marche region of Italy last week, this week I will introduce you to the wines. Week we got to sample (courtesey of Jonathan Zeiger of ZGR Imports) two selections of Centanni wines.

The first wine was Centanni 2012 Offida Pecorino.  This was my first time tasting a Pecorino, after all, you think of cheese when you hear the term Pecorino not a grape.  Turns out the Pecorino grape is native to Le Marche. They believe it originated as a wild grapevine growing in the Sibillini Mountains.  Pecorino is an early ripening white grape usually harvested in early September.

I really didn’t know what to expect when tasting this wine, but first I had to get it open.  When I took off the wrap it looked like it was a twist off, but I was wrong.  I had to unwrap again to expose the beautiful glass closure.  Centanni is the only producer in Le Marche to use Vinolok glass closures.

The wine was crisp with aromas of pineapple and sunshine.  When I say sunshine, the next beautiful sunny day you wake up to, go outside and take a deep breath in.  What aromas do you smell?  I bet it will put a smile on your face with the freshness of the air, just like the aromas of this wine.

The wine had a nice crisp acidity and showed some minerality and hints of pear and tropical fruit.

I paired this wine with a Taleggio cheese. The cheese cut through the acidity nicely and the flavors all integrated nicely on my palate.  This wine will make a great summer sipper.

SRP $28.99

Centanni 20912 Rosso di Forca is a blend of 50% Sangiovese and 50% Montepluciano. The Sangiovese will ripen in late September, while the Montepulciano since it is a bolder grape takes a bit longer and is picked late October.

The Rossa di Forca is from the Rossa Piceno DOC which is the first DOC wine region of the area.  After harvest the wine macerates for three days then ferments at 77 degress for one week.  It then will sit in steel for 6 months then in French oak for a year.

The wine has beautiful aromas of cherry licorice and a hint of mint and cedar.  The cherry and licorice flavors follow through on the taste with a hint of cedar. The wine is very well balanced, smooth and food friendly.

SRP $17

About Centanni: They have been producing grapes for over 5 generations.  They sold to co-ops while making a small amount of wine themselves.  In 2005 they went commercial.  They vineyards are certified organic in the EU and use minimal sulfites in winemaking.

“Our wines represent our family and territory! We live for this work and our wines. We export export our territory and history” ~ Giacomo Centanni Click to Tweet this