The only clean workspace I had for a picture

Once again, I did found a bottle of Hudson-Chatham wine hidden in the cellar with a tag on it that said drink in 2009.  We’ll it’s January 2011 when the bottle of 2007 Malbec was found and opened.  This goes to show how and why you should purchase 2 bottles of what you like.  One for now and one for later.

We decanted the 07 Hudson-Chatham Malbec.  It had a very nice deep color typical of a Malbec.

The wine was very aromatic with cherry, manure and Good & Plenty candy – black liquorice.

The wine I felt was a little thin in structure.  The black fruit, plum and blackberry with a strong long “good and plenty” finish (black liquorice finish)

This wine really brought me back to my childhood days and mistakenly getting that black Good N Plenty.  I have to say I don’t like black liquorice at all, but wasn’t bothered by its pronounced flavor and finish in this wine.