We visited Luna Vineyards a few years back and must have filled out something that left our phone number.  A few months ago they called Paul and caught him at a weak moment, or maybe he was craving Sangiovese.  Either way, a few weeks later we received a package from UPS from Luna Vineyards. In it was some Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese.

We opened a bottle of the Sangiovese recently and it was a nice garnet color with a nose of oak and vanilla.   Usually a Sangiovese is a light to medium bodied wine and this wine was very heavy.  Almost the weight feel of a Cabernet Sauvignon. 

There wasn’t a lot of fruit left in the wine.  There were hints of black fruit, currants and chocolate with low tannins.  I think I expected something more from this wine. On the finish there was a hints of smoke with chocolate and pomegranate.

If you come across this wine, it’s given to you as a gift…don’t cellar it.  It’s a drink now wine.  Drink it before the rest of the fruit fades into the sunset.