This is a pairing I would have never thought would work.  In fact I didn’t think anything would ever pair with pickles.

Paul and I are sitting on the deck enjoying a 2008 Goosecross Viognier – Napa  Valley.  Nose of honeysuckle and apricot.  It was very aromatic and layered.  The palate brought apricot and citrus notes with a tangerine finish with hints of honeysuckle.  It was soft, medium bodied with the texture of a Chardonnay.

Long an behold my daughter comes out with a large jar of Claussen Dill Pickles. She has been on a pickle kick and offered us one.  I was hesitant because I thought the pickle would ruin the palate.  The adventurous side of me kicked in and took a pickle.  WOW!  I was so surprised at this wonderful pairing.  I don’t know what it was, but the chemical reaction of the dill was softened by the wine and you didn’t have the strong dill finish, it was soft and just blended into your palate.

The crisp freshness of the wine was a perfect pairing for crisp freshness of the Claussen Dill Pickle