Mom and her friend Sandy. October 2013

I lost my favorite fan last month.  My Mom. That might explain why my postings have been light., please be patient with me during this time.

Although my mom never said much or showed it, she followed my blog to keep up with me and was very proud. She would say “you never told me you were doing this, going here.” When I asked her how she knew, she said she read it on my blog.

We learn a lot from our parents.  I think what makes them most proud is when they see us succeed and when they learn from us.

My mom was a White Zin drinker.  That is until she began to come to my house regularly for dinner. What joy I had introducing mom to new wines.  She had an open mind and palate.  I always asked her if she liked it, just to make sure and I never steered her wrong. I talked to her about what she tasted, smelled, how the pairing went with dinner.  When I look back at those moments I realize how proud she was of me and she never turned down a dinner invitation!  She enjoyed the company, the meal and a good bottle of wine.

Mom & my son Michael, May 2014

Just in an instant life can change, just like that bottle of wine.

Raise your glass tonight and toast to your mom. She might not show it much, but she loves you and is proud of you!