OK, let’s face it, it’s a few days before Halloween..have you purchased your candy yet?  When you purchase your candy do you

  • Purchase candy you don’t like so you won’t eat it?
  • Purchase candy you like for leftovers?
I use to purchase candy I didn’t like so I wouldn’t be tempted, but that ended after my kids stopped trick-or-treating because then I didn’t have their candy to pick at.
Yes, I purchase candy I like and hope for leftovers.  What do I usually purchase, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Snickers. Yum!
The next question is what wine should I pair with my candy? Vivino came up with a great infographic on pairing Halloween candy and wine.
This Halloween it looks like I will either open a Port or some sort of red wine.  What will you be pairing.   Don’t go for the Sour Patch candy, they aren’t any fun.
Let me know!