On this dreary rainy day, I needed go out and gets some white wine for dinner. Even though the UPS man usually brings my wine, we seem to be running low on Whites. I dressed for the weather and ran out to Arlington Wine & Liquors.

I purchased a Kunde Chardonnay, Artesa Chardonnay and two of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc’s. Babich and Giesen. While I was looking at the different brands there was a 2006 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc called “Cat Phee on a Gooseberry Bush” from Coopers Creek. The label showed a cat with a grin to kill and footprints on the cap. I’m a label person, so in the cart went the Cat Phee. I will have to have my friend Ann over to do the Phee tasting, or maybe bring it to the next wine night.

As I was strolling the store, I came across a wine labeled “Mom’s Time Out” This came in white and red. I asked Bob if the wine was any good and he informed me that it was a nice house wine. I’d say that’s a great gift to give the “Mom to Be” at her shower. She will need it as time goes on. Forget the bottle, get her a case!