I was over a friends house for dinner and they pulled out this bottle of Tuthilltown Cassis they received as as a gift.  I immediately went into blog mode.  I didn’t realize they were making Cassis.  They are known for their Baby Bourbon, Whisky and Vodka so I was excited to taste their Cassis.

The black currants for this Cassis were grown by Fishkill Farms in Dutchess County and aged in old whiskey barrels. I have to tell you I kept going back for more. I couldn’t get enough, it was so good!

The Cassis was a gorgeous color!  The nose was a very fruity with tart intense black current.  As you inhaled the beautiful aroma of this Cassis (which kept you coming back to take another whiff in enjoyment,) there was a third layer that brought hints of mint to your nose.

The palate was silky smooth and balanced.  Black currant and vanilla leading to a carmelized finish of Creme Brulee.

If I had three words to describe this Cassis it would be “Beautiful and Elegant!”  Wonderfully crafted!

I believe there are only 500 bottles of this produced and it is sold only at the Distillery in Gardiner, NY.