‘Twas a few nights before Christmas
And all through the brewery
People were enjoying the opposite
Of nature’s fury.
The seasonal carols speak of snow, frost and ice
And wintry sleigh rides you’d want to do twice.
In fact, Sunday was balmy—temps up to 68!
Some missed the snow. Others thought it was great.

Clint and Amy Lecher came all the way from North Carolina
Believing a white Christmas in New York would be finer.
He flies F-15s at the local Air Force base.
But missed living in White Plains, and visiting this place.

Amy likes the Brown Ale, Clint goes for the sours.
And believes apple brandy barrels hold special powers.
The Lechers live on a base called Seymour-Johnson.
If they want a White Christmas, they might try Wisconsin.
It’s so warm that Todd Sarcletti of Croton has gone outside.
Partner Michael Schreibman comes along for the ride.
Todd sits on the beams that box in the bocce
He blogs about food—pizza, pollo and gnocchi.

Todd describes the weather as rather “Al-Goreish”
After a Liquid Gold or Kolsch, his adjectives flourish.
Michael goes for darker stuff—stout or smoked porter.
A taste of the Frost Monster may turn him into a hoarder.
“Something you can sink your teeth into,” he says of the imperial stout.
Todd tries a sip, makes a face; the word “chewy” comes out.

Mike Murphy of White Plains got his idea for CL
Because his car had been through snow and salt hell.
He drove to the car wash on the Pleasantville border
And thought of the brewery, and what he might order.

Mike surprised Claire Maccabe of Queens with a trip to the place.
When they pulled into the brewery, a smile spread on her face.
Claire digs the Brown Ale. Mike? Anything with hops.
With a few gifts to go, he’ll head straight to the shops.
Across the room, Rye’s Sanchezessip.
Buying a keg was the plan for their trip.
They learned they should’ve ordered one in advance
Scoring a barrel same day, well, there isn’t a chance.
Sally Sanchez wonders aloud what rhymes with “kegless”.
We think of an English term for drunk: “Legless”

Bill Bredthauer comes from up north, Hopewell Junction.
Some craft beers with friends and he feels no compunction.
He brought Don Rizzoand Warren Simpson straight from a party
Pale Ale or Smoked Porter—he likes his beers hearty.
They talk about a double IPA that’s a whopper.
Yes, that hard to find Vermont brew Heady Topper.
Bill talks about Simcoe hops—he sounds like a thinker.
I ask if he’s a brewer. Don says, “No—Bill’s a drinker!”
It’s nearly Christmas Day, so, like, why are we sweating?
Maybe we’re thinking of all the presents we’re getting.
Ginger Man! Frost Monster! Golden Delicious!
To drink with our roast beast! Our Feast of Seven Fishes!
Maybe you’re having turkey, or ham
Or a goose you’ve been stewing.
Either way—warm wishes and cold beers from your friends
At Captain Lawrence Brewing!
Captain Lawrence Brewing, at 444 Saw Mill River Road in Elmsford, is open Wednesday through Friday (4-8 p.m.), Saturday (12-6 p.m.) and Sunday (12-5). The author is paid by Captain Lawrence, partially in India Pale Ale.

The “Notes From the Tasting Room” book is available at the brewery and on Amazon.