I recently stopped by Whitecliff Vineyards & Winery to do a tasting of their new releases.  Michael gave me a sample of the 2010 Unoaked NYS Chardonnay to take home, but the 2010 labels hadn’t arrived yet. So..he slapped on the 2009 label to make the bottle complete.  I think for picture reasons, I would have opted for an incomplete label with no vintage year.  So even though this picture says 09, it’s really a 2010.  Now that we got that taken care of.

Paul and I sometimes argue about the wine glass. He seems to like these football no stem glass where I prefer to traditional wine glass.  The first pour was in Paul’s favorite glass.   On the nose I got wet slate, fresh rain, minerally, kiwi and melon.   On the palate strong honeydew melon gives way to lime.  It was very one dimensional.

Now we switched to the stem glasses.  The nose was melon and wet slate.  On the palate I got honeydew melon, kiwi and hint of lime.  There was slight acidity mid palate that comes out. Could it be the glass? As the wine begins to warm, the Bartlett pear flavor begins to show and the mouth feel becomes smoother.

This is a very nice and refreshing wine. I am really becoming a fan of the unoaked Chardonnay!