In research for my book I realized I needed to set out and be a tourist one day and visit some of the distilleries and breweries I haven’t been to.  Orange County Distillery was the first on my list. 

I sat down with John Glebocki and Bryan Ensall at their Cocktail Room at Brown Barn Farms.  John and Bryan are not only friends, they are related, their wives are first cousins so it was only natural to go into business together.  Their cocktail room had just opened and is a great place to visit and taste libations made with their spirits.I’ll let them tell their story and afterwards they made me a wonderful cocktail which I will share.

They made the Jen and I “The Courkat”. This drink was made with their Vodka, muddled jalapeno, sparkling lemonade and a splash of lime.

I have to admit, I like jalapenos but I was a little hesitant on what the drink was going to taste like.  I was very surprised that I really liked it.  You can get this drink in various levels of spice. I would say mine was medium spice and very refreshing and enjoyable.
They have many other great cocktails on their list so stop by and enjoy.