The year was 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States. Phyllis and Ben Feder, owners of Clinton Vineyards in celebration of the election, released the first vintage of “Victory White” . Victory White is 100% Seyval Blanc. The year President Clinton was re-elected they released the second vintage of “Victory White” that was 1996.

In the late spring, Clinton Vineyards will be releasing their third vintage “2008 Victory White” in celebration of Barack Obama’s Presidency. This vintage will be made with 100% Seyval Blanc as well.

I am really becoming a fan of Seyval Blanc. It’s crisp and fresh, leaves you with sense of enjoyment after a glass or bottle. Goes very well with shell fish, and is wonderful on a hot summers day. (As I say that, it’s +2 degrees outside and I’m waiting for that hot summers day)

Contact Clinton Vineyards to reserve your 2008 Victory White. It’s sure to be a sell out.