Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday. This month the assignment is by David McDuff of McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail. A Passion for Piedmont.

I looked in my wine cellar and I didn’t find any wines from Piedmont (surprise..surprise) so off to Arlington Wine & Liquors I went. When I entered neither Bob was there, so a clerk pointed me in the direction of the wines from Italy and specifically the Piedmont area. Of course he showed me the $50 plus bottle but I had to be economical. In my typical form, I couldn’t decide between two bottles. Gut told me Vietti, label told me otherwise. As you see, it wasn’t a price issue, it was a label issue. I thought the girls on the bike were so cute. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as it’s label, so today for WBW #54 the winner is 2006 Vietti Barbera D’Asti.

This wine was inexpensive at $18.99, so it didn’t break the bank. The color was a deep ruby red with cherry on the nose. Cherry wasn’t just on the nose, it was everywhere. Very strong flavor of cherry. What was nice was the light spice on the finish. It was also light on the tannins. As my husband and I sat there and talked about our day at work the wine seemed to open up nicely.

I served the wine with a no frills dinner of pasta and red sauce. The wine went very well with dinner.