It’s Wine Blogging Wednesday and the 5th birthday of this event. Lenn Thompson of Lenndevours began this wonderful event 5 years ago, in honor of WBW Megan aka Sonadora of Wannabe Wino Wine Blog is taking charge of this anniversary event. Thank you Megan!

When I came home from the Wine Bloggers Conference and I saw the topic, Paul and I opened a bottle of Novel Zinfandel and celebrated my homecoming. This was the evening I returned from California and my daughter had left us a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. You can’t beat a better dinner than a bottle of Zin and some homemade cookies. I wrote down my tasting notes and put them on my desk along with some other papers not even thinking. It seems when my dog is angry at me she tends to go into my office and steal business cards I might have laying around. In this instance, two days later I couln’t find my notes or the other papers I put on my desk, next to my computer. YES the dog ate my tasting notes! She must have been angry that I was gone for 6 days.

Not to worry, there is more Zinfandel in the house. Last week we opened a Truett Hurst 2006 Old Vine Red Rooster Zinfandel from the Dry Creek Valley.This wine had a nice rich ruby red color and a very high alcohol content at first. It had front notes of red raspberry and blackberries with black pepper on the finish. This Zin had nice body.

I would suggest decanting this wine, unfortunately we didn’t. As the wine began to open the alcohol dissipated and the pepper on the finish became softer and allowed for more of a blackberry finish.

What have I learned since I have Zinned? To keep my office door closed!